Togl — a Tk OpenGL widget

Copyright © 1996-2008 Brian Paul, Ben Bederson, and Greg Couch



Togl is a Tk widget for OpenGL rendering. Togl was originally based on OGLTK, written by Benjamin Bederson at the University of New Mexico. Togl's main features are:

Togl does almost no OpenGL drawing itself, instead it manages OpenGL drawing by calling various Tcl commands (a.k.a., callback functions). Those commands can be C functions that call OpenGL (in)directly or another Tcl package (e.g., Tcl3D).

Togl is copyrighted by Brian Paul (brian_e_paulATyahooDOTcom), Benjamin Bederson (bedersonATcsDOTumdDOTedu), and Greg Couch (gregcouchATusersDOTsourceforgeDOTnet). See the LICENSE file for details.

The Togl project and home page are hosted by SourceForge.

Mailing list

See the Togl project at SourceForge for mailing list information.

Reporting Bugs

There is a bug database on the Togl Project Page. You may also discuss bugs on the mailing list.

It may be worth upgrading your graphics driver and retesting before reporting a bug, as, historically, many Togl "bugs" have been fixed by a graphics driver upgrade, especially on Microsoft Windows.

When reporting bugs please provide as much information as possible. Such as the version of Togl, which operating system (e,g., Windows XP, Red Hat Linux, Mac OS X, etc.), the version of the operating system, and the version of the graphics driver. Also, it's very helpful to us if you can provide an example program which demonstrates the problem.


Several people have contributed new features to Togl. Among them are:

Many others have contributed bug fixes. Thanks for your contributions!

Last edited on 16 April 2008 by Greg Couch.
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