Togl Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions (and Problems)

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Bad Match X errors on Sun systems
There is(was?) a bug in Sun's XmuLookupStandardColormap X library function. If you compile togl.c with the SOLARIS_BUG symbol defined (-DSOLARIS_BUG) this function call will be omitted.

Is stereo rendering supported?
Several different stereo modes are supported.

Is fullscreen stereo rendering supported?
Before Tk 8.5, Tk does not support true fullscreen windows. Consequenly the full-screen stereo, that gaming graphics cards support (ATI Radeon, NVidia GeForce), won't be added until sometime after Tk 8.5 is available. Fullscreen stereo on workstation graphics cards (ATI FireGL, NVidia Quadro, Matrix Parhelia, 3Dlabs Wildcat) does work.

How do I get the Microsoft Windows device context?
First call Togl_MakeCurrent to make sure you have the right OpenGL context and device context set, then call wglGetCurrentDC.

How do I use Togl from Python?
The Togl source distribution comes with a file that provides a Tkinter-style Togl widget. And for Togl callbacks that are C functions, there is a toglpy.h file that provides a function that converts a Python object into its corresponding Togl widget:
Togl *getToglFromWidget(PyObject *widget)

Is Togl compatible with Tile and Tk 8.5?
Yes, Togl works as is (except for the bitmap font support for X11 and Aqua). From Joe English:
Complex "owner-draw" widgets like tkZinc, or the text and canvas widgets, really don't benefit much from themability, so there's no reason to rewrite them. (

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